Of all the vehicles Renault could’ve chosen to highlight its Formula 1 technology, it picked the Twizy, a glorified electric go-kart with the racing pedigree of, well, an electric go-kart. Yet we want to drive it. Desperately. We are not too proud to admit this.

The French automaker — which has won the F1 constructor’s and driver’s championships twice as a manufacturer and has provided engines to the likes of Red Bull Racing — inexplicably festooned the lowly Twizy with all manner of F1 frippery, including a front splitter, side pods and rear wing. All of this stuff is about as useful as your appendix, but no matter. It’s nothing we haven’t seen on Honda Civics for years. Ramping the absurdity up to 11, Renault Sport added tires and wheels from its Formula 2 cars and fitted the interior with a single carbon fiber race bucket and the button-laden steering wheel of a Formula Renault 3.5 series racer.

So why would we possibly want to drive it? KERS.

By adding the kinetic energy recovery system currently used on F1 cars, Renault has increased the power of the Twizy six-fold. (via We Desperately Want to Drive Renault’s Stupid F1 Tribute Car | Autopia | Wired.com)


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