here’s a non-stop DJ mix for the party poopers. enjoy the groove…

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Alex Pich – The End of the Year: 2013 (Part II) (Continuous DJ Mix)

Genre: House,Prog-House,Deep House
Release Date: Dec 25 2013
Label: Incepto Music


1 Fumu – There Are No Divisions Between the Words (Original Mix)

2 Morttagua – Shade in My Heart (Torha Remix)

3 Sound of Hermes – Funk Yeah (Original Mix)

4 Karmine Rosciano – You Never (Original Mix)

5 Bring Bliss – Just Inside (Original Mix)

6 Rishi K. – Take It On (Original Mix)

7 Anturage – Runnin Back (Original Mix)

8 Blood Groove & Kikis feat. Vitodito – The Stars (Original Mix)

9 FX2 – New Dawn (Original Mix)

10 Rishi K. – Black Sheep (Original Mix)

11 Sergey Silvertone – Something Happens (Original Mix)

12 Jozhy K – Thrill (Original Mix)



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