Trekking the Appalachian Trail with @theotherforkintheroad

To see more photos of Tosha Kowalski’s hike through the Appalachian Trail, follow @theotherforkintheroad on Instagram.

Imagine feeling lost in life, and seeing a sticker on the ground that told you to “Quit your job / See the World / Fall in Love / Find Yourself.” That’s what happened to Tosha Kowalski (@theotherforkintheroad) in March of 2014. A few weeks later she left her job, flew to the Arctic Circle in Finland to learn sled dog racing and then spent 10 months backpacking across Europe.

Now, Tosha is hiking the 3,500 km of the Appalachian Trail – from Georgia to Maine – for nearly six months. “I didn’t start this hike as an escape from anything. I’m not trying to disconnect from the world. I’m trying to reconnect with myself, the person I know I already am, and there is a difference,” Tosha says. “Over the past year, and even more so on this trail, I re-realized how strong I am, how independent, how motivated and determined. At some point during the confusion of life, I had forgotten all those things.”


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