The Art of Less Is More with @lucidlines

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“The science behind the process and the idea of being able to carry art around with you and transform your appearance has always intrigued me,” says 25-year-old tattoo artist Caitlin Thomas (@lucidlines). After studying graphic design, Caitlin went on to pursue illustration and the visual arts before taking an apprenticeship at a tattoo studio in Adelaide, South Australia.

“People may be surprised to learn that I only have a couple of tattoos,” she says. “Many people have the belief that all tattoo artists need to be covered, but I am trying to show that isn’t necessary anymore and that it is more about the art.”

Outside of her life as a tattoo artist, Caitlin is equally passionate about music, playing the drums in bands and writing music with friends. “Leading a double life has proven to be a tiring venture with a newfound respect for days off,” she muses. When applying for jobs, Caitlin showcased the drums she worked on with a wood-burning tool as an example of her steady line work.

Caitlin describes her style as “minimalism” and her technique is inspired by 18th and 19th century line engravings — the idea of grasping a concept or image using its basic form. “I am hoping to help create a new movement of tattooing that promotes the idea that less is more,” she says. “I do enjoy and respect the extremely detailed and colorful style of tattooing, but I just can’t deny the satisfaction of successfully portraying an image based only on line work, a single shade of ink and making use of the natural skin color that people bring in themselves.”


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