How to waste $56 million in Bangladesh


$56 million is a lot of money, unless  you are a Saudi prince or a US arms manufacturer but, in a country as poor as Bangladesh, it’s a shit load of cash which could be spent on no end of worthy projects to help those suffering from poverty. But rich film-maker Ahsanullah Moni had a better idea to help the poor, he would build them a replica of the Taj Mahal. No doubt the masses were dancing in the streets and praising his name when they received the great news of his impending project. When you have lost most of your family and entire livelihood to floods and forced to move half way across the country to live in a pile of rubbish masquerading as a home beside a lake of sewage, as you watch your neighbours die of cholera, what could brighten up your day more, knowing that if you…

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Connecting the dots for the communities in Bangladesh. Introducing proven, functional, sustainable Green Energy solutions. Focusing on Agriculture, Hydroponic farming, Vertical growing, Urban gardening.

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