Contrast and Beauty with French Illustrator @malikafavre

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The art starts with shapes. “Big shapes,” illustrator Malika Favre (@malikafavre) says. Much of her abstract work is inspired by graphic photographers and real-world objects and patterns that she shoots herself — not other sketch artists.

“I always try to spot beauty in everyday things, from a shadow cast on a wall to a beautiful object,” the 32-year-old, who is based in London, says. Then, she starts “cleaning,” cutting away at the image, because Malika is obsessed with negative space. But, she also seeks to add a human element to her canvas, which is why she describes her aesthetic as “bold, minimalistic, colorful and playful with a hint of sexiness.”

Growing up in France in the 90s, when people with graduate degrees had trouble finding work, Malika actually thought she would never turn her passion for drawing into a job. But, when you see art everywhere you look, creating may be the only possible path.



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