Enjoying Camping in Style with @yurin1020

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(This interview was conducted in Japanese.)

“It all started about eight years ago, when I saw a tent on display and felt a sense of excitement rush through me — and then I bought the tent on impulse,” says Yuko Ueda (@yurin1020), a camping enthusiast and mother of two boys from Osaka, Japan. “My camp debut was quite tough, with both my sons being very little at the time and having only a tent and a cooking stand,” she reflects. “It was so much work, but I still remember the fun we had hunting for insects, seeing the night sky full of stars and having a delicious meal in the great outdoors.”

Now, Yuko not only finds joy in the act of camping itself, but also in collecting the gear and decor that’s essential to camping in style. She has gone so far as to have her husband handcraft some of the equipment to create her ideal environment. “He makes things like wooden tables and wooden poles for the tarp,” she says. “It’s not perfect like the ones sold in stores, but it feels more personal when it’s handmade.”

While autumn is Yuko’s favorite time of the year for camping, she recommends going to a river during the hot summer season. “Setting up the tent and cooking is not easy to do in the heat, but it’s much cooler if you’re closer to water,” she explains. “I would also recommend bringing a tent that’s compact and made out of breathable fabric.”

One thing that Yuko learned over the years is that camping is for everyone, of all ages, genders and groups. In a recent camping trip, she took her dog and a few of her friends and their dogs to enjoy a girls-and-poodles’ night out. “Being able to feel the season and play outside is the best kind of luxury in your everyday life,” says Yuko. “For me, camping and outdoor activities are the best ways to recharge.”



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