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The Green Infrastructure Finance Facility (GIFF) Concept
The proposed Green Infrastructure Finance Facility will be the implementing vehicle of the Framework which would subscribe an initial funding from international donors in order to support justifiable renewable energy projects. With parallel support from host governments, the facility would use its financial resources to close the financial viability gap of clean energy projects, while at the same time ensuring a high leveraging of private finance in each of the projects it supports. It will also deploy its instruments to reduce the risks associated with these technologies. One of the novel features of this approach is the deliberate blending of both concessional and carbon finance instruments within individual project structures in order to achieve maximum effectiveness for bringing RE projects to financial closure with majority participation from the private sector.


Connecting the dots for the communities in Bangladesh. Introducing proven, functional, sustainable Green Energy solutions. Focusing on Agriculture, Hydroponic farming, Vertical growing, Urban gardening.

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