Reinventing the Dog Paddle with @bonosurfdog

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Hello, Instagram! Welcome to a special tropical edition of #WeeklyFluff. Few people get to surf Rio de Janeiro’s waves with their very best friend. Personal trainer Ivan Moreira (@bonosurfdog) is lucky enough to share his surfboard with his bestie, a champion surfer Labrador named Bono.

“I bought a stand up paddle when Bono was just six months old. Bono loves the water and would swim after me. I helped him get on the board and we began to surf together. We caught our first wave at a beach called Praia do Rosa, in the south of Brazil. Since that day, I take Bono with me each time the ocean is calm enough,” says Ivan. All that practice makes perfect, and the surfing duo were recently crowned champions during a worldwide tournament in Huntington Beach, California.

Ivan’s desire to capture and share photographs of Bono came about when he realized that his dog was different. “Not just because he surfs, but especially because of the happiness he feels when he gets on the board. He barks happily and wags his tail,” says Ivan, who has now gotten used to celebrity status on Rio’s beaches. “When we get out of the water, there are always requests for photos with Bono!”


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