Learning crowdfunding essentials online at Reality Crowd TV

Learn tips & tricks of launching a successful crowd funding campaign virtually from Reality Crowd TV.
RealityCrowdTV is the beginning of a grassroots movement to capture the entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses around the globe. Inspired by the recent legislation passed by the United States government around the 2012 JOBS ACT and further encouraged by the October 23rd, 2013 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) press release, RealityCrowdTV aim to solve a very serious problem: Very few people know about the amazing opportunity that Crowdfunding presents to individuals who once had an entrepreneurial dream of creating a small business, but stopped dreaming because they did not have the financial resources to manifest that dream.

Here’s a specially curated playlist. A must watch for everyone related to crowdfunding campaigns.




Connecting the dots for the communities in Bangladesh. Introducing proven, functional, sustainable Green Energy solutions. Focusing on Agriculture, Hydroponic farming, Vertical growing, Urban gardening.

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