Digital Innovation for a meaningful Social Change

BRAC is hosting its first ever Hackathon, called BRACathon from 4-5 December! BRACathon intends to provide a platform from which participants could compete to provide useful mobile applications that will contribute to social innovation and BRAC’s overall organisational efficiency as well. As BRAC aims to champion the cause of social change through the use of technology, BRACathon is one of many initiatives that it will take under the banner of promoting digital innovation in Bangladesh in the coming years.

We hope that this 36-hour event will be a unique opportunity to collaborate on projects that could have big social impact and help BRAC grow as an organisation. Industry leaders will attend and judge the effectiveness of your solution, and of course unlimited food and drinks will be on hand!

Anybody can register for BRACathon, including students, faculty members of different universities, and IT startups for the ultimate innovative experience. Winners of BRACathon will not only get funding commitment from BRAC to help them develop their apps but may also get the opportunity to participate in FBstart, a programme from Facebook which help mobile startups succeed by providing an exclusive community, worldwide events, mentorship opportunities, and up to USD 80,000 in free tools and services specific to social good developers. Additional benefits specific to mobile game developers include mentorship opportunities with the Games team at Facebook.

Which team will prevail, and what will they create? Stay tuned over the coming weeks as the coverage of the event continues, and be sure to follow our live updates on social media of the BRACathon.
click here to go to the event page
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Connecting the dots for the communities in Bangladesh. Introducing proven, functional, sustainable Green Energy solutions. Focusing on Agriculture, Hydroponic farming, Vertical growing, Urban gardening.

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