Sustainable Energy for ALL

sustainable energy for all


Energy is the golden thread that connects economic growth, increased social equity, and an environment that allows the world to thrive.

Investing in energy efficiency creates jobs, fosters economic growth and improves energy security for countries that lack domestic fossil fuel resources.

Of the three objectives of Sustainable Energy for All, improving energy efficiency has the clearest impact on saving money, improving business results, and delivering more services for consumers—better refrigerators that cost the same but use less energy; new vehicle designs that travel further on less fuel; and buildings that require less energy to heat and cool.

Investing in efficiency is critical to meeting future energy demand and mitigating climate change. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves productivity. By reducing energy demand, efficiency also makes renewable energy more affordable – shrinking the size of the solar panel needed to power a lamp, for example. Moving to sustainable energy and using it efficiently makes sense in a resource constrained global economy


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Connecting the dots for the communities in Bangladesh. Introducing proven, functional, sustainable Green Energy solutions. Focusing on Agriculture, Hydroponic farming, Vertical growing, Urban gardening.

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