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Help us build an interactive BOT


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Rooftop solar, public-private partnerships, and the promise of a brighter future

In 1899 American Ada Blenkhorn—inspired by a disabled nephew—wrote the popular folk song Keep On the Sunny Side. As legend would have it, Blenkhorn’s nephew always wanted his wheelchair pushed down the “sunny side” of the street. Not for the

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Innovating to Zero : by Mr. Bill Gates

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Vertical lunch: To increase food product

Vertical lunch: To increase food production, crowded Singapore looks up | Public Radio International

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Energy from Garbage Gasification Facilit

Energy from Garbage Gasification Facility – Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Recycling Center – YouTube 

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Philosophy of LIFE, when one is aware of global warming & climate change factors. Let’s be aware and make others aware. Lets go GREEN as much as possible. They say, it’s certainly not the dream that puts us to sleep, rather

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an old tree is part of a civilization. n it hurts to know old trees r perishing from earth faster than expected. all credit goes to climate change due to global warming.

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